B-TEMIA and the University of New Brunswick in Partnership for Applied Research in Dermoskeletics

Quebec, June 2, 2014 – B-TEMIA Inc., leader in human augmentation systems, announces the opening of the world’s first Center for Research in Dermoskeletics on the University of New Brunswick Campus. This initiative aims at maintaining B-TEMIA’s technological edge in the field of human augmentation systems.

The Center for Research in dermoskeletics is an onsite applied research facility focused on advancing the science of dermoskeletics. Located on the Campus of the University of New Brunswick and under the direction of Dr. Kevin Englehardt as Executive Coordinator and Dr. Chris McGibbon as Scientific Director, the Center will employ over 13 Post Doctoral, Doctoral, Master’s and Undergraduate students from the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and the Faculty of Kinesiology over the next 5 years.

Dermoskeletics is a new science that studies the interaction between the human body and its environment while assisted with a skin-type motorized mechanism. Dermoskeletics generates dermoskeletons which eliminate musculoskeletal stress on the body structure by injecting biomechanical energy at joints, providing mechanical assistance to the user for the restoration, the maintenance or the augmentation of their biomechanical functions. “Thanks to the vision and support of B-TEMIA’s valued partners: the Government of New Brunswick, specifically Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour and the New Brunswick Innovation Fund (NBIF), MITACS, and the University of New Brunswick, B-TEMIA will be performing research with top scientists in biomedical engineering and kinesiology and securing B-TEMIA’s competitive edge and future as world leader in this innovative field,” comments Mr. Stéphane Bédard, President and CEO.

Our investment in their program will help graduate students and postdoctoral interns transfer their skills from theory to real-world application,” said Joey Carr, Minister Post Secondary Education, Training and Labour for the Province of New Brunswick. “It will also help promote the strengths of our academic institutions and provide interns with new employment opportunities in New Brunswick’s knowledgebased economy.”

Thanks to the support of our federal and provincial governments and partners like the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, MITACS and B-TEMIA, our scientists and engineers are developing cutting-edge research at the forefront of the biomedical engineering and kinesiology fields. Faculty and graduate students in the Centre for Research in Dermoskeletics will be able to work to prevent occupational injuries and www.b-temia.com improve the quality of life of many individuals with mobility challenges,” affirms Dr. Eddy Campbell, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of New Brunswick.

This new partnership provides B-TEMIA with access to the best minds from the University of New Brunswick, fostering further research and development in the field of dermoskeletics,” said Dr. Arvind Gupta, CEO and Scientific Director of MITACS. “In addition, these students and fellows will gain valuable experience working on projects that directly benefit business through this industry-university collaboration.”



B-TEMIA Inc. is a medical device manufacturer that develops and markets products in the growing market of human augmentation systems. Based in Quebec City (Canada), B-TEMIA operates through two wholly-owned subsidiaries, B-TEMIA Health Inc. and B-TEMIA Military Inc. B-TEMIA owns a patent-pending wearable dermoskeleton technology that restores, maintains or enhances the mobility of users.



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