Québec, March 9, 2011 – B-TEMIA, an innovative developer of dermoskeletons that assist the biomechanical capabilities of the human body, and Revision Military, a leading global developer and manufacturer of integrated soldier systems, announce their financial and commercial partnership. B-TEMIA has closed financing from Revision in addition to a strategic licensing agreement for the commercialisation of its dermoskeletons in the Defence & Security market.

The funds from Revision will be used to complete the development of the company’s first dermoskeleton, aimed at helping soldiers suffering from musculoskeletal injuries. The system will decrease the effort required to move and increase the efficiency of the soldier’s movements while in operation. “Based in Canada and the United States as well as with a significant presence in Europe, Revision has proven to be a major player in the field of soldier protection and survivability. We are very proud to team up with a formidable industry player like Revision,” stated Stéphane Bédard, President and CEO of B-TEMIA.

B-TEMIA Military, a subsidiary of B-TEMIA, has signed an international licensing agreement with Revision Military for the commercialization of its dermoskeletons. “We see musculoskeletal injuries and the associated non-deployment rates of soldiers caused by heavy load carriage as a costly and painful concern that military organizations around the world must address. The market potential for B-TEMIA’s dermoskeleton is tremendous. We are excited to add this innovative technology to our portfolio of purpose-built soldier equipment,” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO of Revision.

In addition to the Defence & Security market, B-TEMIA continues to expand its activities in the field of clinical care. The dermoskeleton could also have medical applications;—helping patients who suffer from medical conditions such as cardiac disease, osteoarthritis or loss of mobility.


About B-TEMIA (www.b-temia.com)

B-TEMIA Inc. is a medical device manufacturer that develops and markets products in the growing market of human augmentation systems. Based in Quebec City (Canada), B-TEMIA operates through two wholly-owned subsidiaries, B-TEMIA Health Inc. and B-TEMIA Military Inc. B-TEMIA owns a patent-pending wearable dermoskeleton technology that restores, maintains or enhances the mobility of users.


About Revision (www.revisionmilitary.com)

Revision develops and delivers purpose-built protective soldier equipment for military use worldwide. The company, which began with eyewear, has expanded to face and head protection and continues to develop their capabilities for integrated, performance-enhancing soldier systems.



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