A Visionary Leader

Stéphane Bédard has walked in those footsteps

They say that excellent product ideas come from observation and truly understanding the customers’ needs, understanding the problem then working hard to find a solution. B-TEMIA’s visionary leader, Stéphane Bédard has walked in those footsteps. While training as an amateur athlete in mountain biking, Stéphane took a fall and gravely injured himself resulting in multiple surgeries and years of rehabilitation. He lost the ability to walk for two years and gained valuable insight into what it means to lose your autonomy in mobility. Since then, all his work is based on one dogma: “Mobility is Life”.

Fast track several years later with studies completed in electronic and mechanic engineering as well as biomechatronics, Stéphane launches his first company Victhom Human Bionics. Victhom Bionics goes on to employ over 100 of the industry’s best talent and introduce to the market the world’s first bionic knee, commercially sold today under the name of the POWER KNEE™ by the Icelandic company Ossur hf.

In 2010, Stéphane lauches B-TEMIA Inc with the mission of REGAINING AUTONOMY IN MOBILITY. Sticking close to his customers from day one, Stéphane has built an amazing team , specialized in biomechatronics and has lead them to developing two distinctive products based on the science of dermoskeletics.

Looking forward, Stéphane sees huge market opportunities in verticals beyond the military and healthcare markets such as occupational health and safety or leisure. Stay tuned as the next chapter of this fascinating story unrolls.

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