B-Temia’s CEO Stéphane Bédard selected as a Top 10 Robotics Solution Provider by Medtech Outlook

B-Temia is proud to share that MedTech Outlook has selected our CEO Stéphane Bédard as a Top 10 Robotics Solution Provider. MedTech interviewed Stéphane about his life-changing Dermoskeleton™ technology for human mobility and decided to feature him and B-Temia on the cover. https://robotics.medicaltechoutlook.com/vendor/btemia-super-strength-no-more-a-science-fiction-concept-cid-110-mid-15.html

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The article highlights the value of the innovative Keeogo™ device to transform mobility and activity capabilities for individuals with chronic conditions and injuries. It also discusses the partnership with Lockheed Martin to build a military version of the Dermoskeleton.

“B-Temia is creating a unique relationship between humans and robotic principles to augment the biomechanical functions of human body and expand its capabilities.” – Stéphane Bédard

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